Ten Healed of Leprosy

Craft "Ten Healed of Leprosy"

 How to Make the Craft:
1) Make double-sided figures of Jesus and the lepers (cut the figures out, glue them to the sheet of cardboard, and colour them);
2) Make strips of cardboard, 3x27 cm each.
3) Fasten the figures to the strips of cardboard (picture #1), join the strips (picture #2). 

  Picture #1
Picture #2
Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. (Show strip 1 with the figure of Jesus, cover the rest of the figures, picture #3.) Suddenly, He heard some people crying in a loud voice, "Jesus! Help us! We are suffering!"
These people had leprosy. (Lift up strips 2 and 3 so that the lepers are looking at Jesus, picture #4.) They did not dare come closer to Jesus because of their sickness, so they tried to draw His attention by crying out.
Leprosy is a very severe contagious disease. The skin of a person sick with leprosy is covered with sores and wounds. Such people were usually sent out of the cities and villages so that no one would catch the disease from them. The lepers had to leave their homes, families, relatives and friends and go who knows where. Their life was not easy!
Jesus came to those poor people and said, "Go, show yourselves to the priests." What a strange order that was! At that time a leper could address a priest only if he had completely recovered. Then the priest would announce that person cleansed, and he would then need to bring a sacrifice to the Lord. But these people were still sick when Jesus told them to do that. Yet they went on their way to the priest. (Turn strips 2 and 3 at 180 degrees. The lepers will look like they are leaving Jesus.) On their way the lepers noticed that their skin was completely clean, and all of their wounds were gone. How happy they were, finally their separations from their loved ones had come to an end. And they hurried to their families.
But all of a sudden one of the lepers stopped. "I can't leave like this, without saying 'thanks' to Jesus!" he thought to himself and turned back. (Turn strip 2 at 180 degrees so that the 1st leper would face Jesus, picture #5.) He was happy, he gave praises to God. Jesus asked him, "Were not all ten cleansed?" "All of them were, my Lord." answered the man who had been healed. "Where are the other nine? Why didn't they give praise to God for their healing? Go home! Your faith has made you well," said Jesus to the recovered man.