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These events happened when Jesus lived on earth. We know that there were always many people around Jesus. Once he needed to go privately to a solitary place to talk with his father. But people found out where we went and followed him. There were very many people there, about five thousand. They all wanted to see Jesus, many of them came to him hoping to find an answer to their needs, to be healed or to restore their family relationships...
Since it was in a remote place, people who came to Jesus had no food and were hungry. The disciples came to Jesus and said,
"Teacher, it's already getting late. Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food."
Jesus knew that people were hungry, and he wanted to help them. So he replied,
"They do not need to go away."
"What do you mean by that?" the disciples surprised.
"You give them something to eat," Jesus said..
"But how can we feed so many people?" the disciples replied.
"Who of you," Jesus said to people, "has something to eat?"
A little boy approached Jesus.
"Jesus I have five loaves of bread and two fish. That's all I have; please take it."
Jesus spread his hands forward and said,
"Father thank you for your constant care for us. I know you will not leave this gift unrewarded. Thank you."
Then Jesus took the loaves, broke them and said to the disciples,
"Give it to the people."
What a miracle happened then! All the people ate and were satisfied, and disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. But one person was more happy than others,
"Thank you Jesus. I will never forget this day. I have given you so little, but you..."
"If you give even a little thing, but do so from the bottom of your heart, it will be very precious for me. Give out and believe that God will always care for you, and you shall see many-many miracles in your life."


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